jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

Sorry if desconfio,I do not want to kiss your lips other than my ownIs that the powerlessness of not having, not being able to haveMakes passing day crying in mind when volvere a verte I am afraid that in the interior shakes my chest God separated us in kilometers, dammit puss y you that I have doneIf today my only wish is that we have no endStep nightly screaming, I love you! Under my cushionsIt is so strong that I feel, said inexplicaleThere are no words to describe what you jam me you feel When I am without you, when I am nothing without you thereMy heart was closed and you are the only one who openedJure not believe in love not to suffer more than we suffe And you believe in everything that you did what ever creiAre feelings that never had sense and I do not want to lose I want you to look at the sky and count the stars togetherCreeme, if I think you lose, everything collapses And if I lose I want you to put your name on the tombstone of my tomb Sienteme, although we are far from each otherIf looking at the moon at night can you see my faceMy happiness is in the palm of your handIf you drop me hundire between this desert sand Tired, tired of hitting the wall manchandome bloodYou swear that fight to be together albeit late

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